I believe your wedding day should be the Best Day Ever. It's the first page of your story, the first day of the wild ride that you'll call life: together. I believe it's all about the moments. Those silly, unexpected, and sometimes hopelessly romantic photos are my favorites. I believe it’s so important for you to feel like you can be yourselves with me - I want to blend into your guestlist. I want to be able catch you being you on the other side of my lens. Open-hearted and free. Unposed.

 Above all and most importantly, I believe that your marriage will be even more beautiful than your wedding.
There is so much more to come.

I'm so excited for the start of your new chapter: together.



“Your wedding day is over in a heartbeat and you wish more than anything you could just stay a little longer, like waking too soon from a dream … But then it’s over and months of planning starts to deconstruct. When I received the “sneak peaks” from Jamie, I swear I could feel that morning’s chill again and feel the damp mist on my face. I could feel the velvety soft petals of my bouquet and smell the earthiness of all the greens. When we received the complete collection of photographs from our wedding, we fell back in time and were in Maine on our day all over again. We instantly relived the excitement, anxiety, and love of that day. Like having an incomplete memory restored, bits of captured moments fell back into place. Jamie was our extra set of eyes - seeing everything and everyone. She gave us a chance to live new scenes and experiences through her photos. Her artistry is in capturing untouched moments – there is a raw beauty to her work which pulls at the senses and demands your eye’s attention. She is exceptional!” —Amy

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How many hours of coverage do I need?
There is no right answer to this one as I am happy to be there for you for 10 hours or 3, but I always advise you to take a look at your timeline, and count backwards from when the DJ or band invites everyone to the dance floor.

What type of couples do you usually work with?
I love to work with couples that are creative, kind, and laid back. They are excited about their wedding day and willing to place trust in my vision. Oh - and it helps if they’re madly in love. ;)

I’m ready to book you! What’s next?
To hold your date, I require an electronically signed contract and a $1000 booking fee. The remaining payments are broken into two, with the balance due 30 days from the wedding date.

How far do you travel for weddings?
I have photographed weddings all over New England, and from the West Indies to the Pacific Northwest and many places in between. I love to travel, and am happy to create customized quotes for destination weddings and elopements. I typically require airfare and lodging to be paid for by the client.

How many photos will we receive?
No two weddings are alike, but a good rule of thumb is that you can plan to receive about 100 images per hour of photography coverage. If I’m working with a second shooter, it may be a little more than that.

Do we really need a wedding planner?
I am a huge advocate of having someone there to “run the show” on your wedding day and always highly recommend at least hiring a day-of coordinator. You’ve worked so hard to plan this day - every thoughtful detail! And I want you to be able to sit back and actually enjoy it. I have worked with many wonderful planners & day-of coordinators, and I am more than happy to share their information. Lawrence and I had a wedding planner for our wedding and it was the best decision we could have made. It’s so wonderful to have an experienced and savvy advocate in your corner while booking vendors, designing and styling, and then of course passing you tissues right before you’re about to walk down the aisle.

What are your rates?
Wedding day coverage begins at $4520, with most clients investing $7000 - $9000. I also offer smaller package options for elopements, micro-weddings, and weekday weddings. Drop me a line to take a peek at my investment guide.

Do you photograph families too?
Every year I take on a small handful of family lifestyle sessions. I love to capture families in their most natural state of being - whether it's running around the beach at sunset, or a cozy morning in your own home or backyard. Contact me for a custom quote.

have more questions? Feel free to send me an email or reach out via my contact form.