editorial: garden gate at haley farm | sebago, maine

From Emily of Emily Elizabeth Events: “The flowers are a little bit wild and untamed, with greenery and ribbon trailing. The wood chairs are mismatched, the terracotta plates warm and inviting, and the glassware simple. Peaches and cherries tumble down the length of the tablescape. The table is set underneath a big tree at a corner of the house, with pockets of shade and sunlight filtering through the branches. The letterpress paper goods are printed on rose and peach hued stock. The sweets are plentiful and include sugar cookies pressed with edible flowers, a multi-layered caramel drip cake, another topped with donuts (a nod to the general store vibe), and finally, a croquembouche piled high.”

The Team:
Emily Elizabeth Events
Garden Gate at Haley Farm  
Marigold Floral Studio
Ariel Johnson  
Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott 
Parrott Design Studio
Garden Gate Lettering
A Family Affair