When selecting a photographer, it's important to remember you're going to spend a LOT of time with that person. And it's not just normal time, it's time where you'll be stressed, uncomfortable, nervous, excited, and that photographer is gonna be by your side/in your face the whole time. I could not asked for a better person to be by my side (except, I guess, for my husband!) Jamie was flawless through the whole process. She's funny yet professional. She takes her craft seriously, but never got in the way of the action. She has her own artistic vision, but makes sure the photos she takes reflect each couple's unique personality. Her photos are beautiful, of course, but those speak for themselves.

Take a peek at her portfolio- every shot is stunning! I'll tell you what the photos can't. Jamie is the person you want sitting in the room while you're getting your makeup done. She's the person you want giving your arm a quick squeeze then taking one last shot before you walk down the aisle. She's the person you want trailing you on the dance floor, and she's the person you'll be begging to stay and have a beer with you after the reception. Jamie will make you laugh, she'll make you feel comfortable, and she'll make you look beautiful. What more could you ask for?  –Marissa

Jamie is such a lovely person and amazing talent! She was so helpful in during planning while we were still figuring out what we wanted for our photos. Day of she kept us calm and laughing, gave us space when we needed it, and took the most beautiful photos! I cannot imagine any better person to work with. Thank you so much Jamie!  –Sarah

Vision, patience, grace, humor, and SO MUCH TALENT. –Amanda

Your wedding day is over in a heartbeat and you wish more than anything you could just stay a little longer, like waking too soon from a dream. Just a few more minutes, please! But then it’s over and months of planning starts to deconstruct. For me, there was this lingering sadness, a gnawing emptiness. But then, you start to see a faint glimmer as a few of your photos start to surface from your wedding. When I received the “sneak peaks” from Jamie, I swear I could feel that morning’s chill again and feel the damp mist on my face. I could feel the velvety soft petals of my bouquet and smell the earthiness of all the greens. When we received the complete collection of photographs from our wedding, we fell back in time and were in Maine on our day all over again. We instantly relived the excitement, anxiety, and love of that day. Like having an incomplete memory restored, bits of captured moments fell back into place. Jamie was our extra set of eyes - seeing everything and everyone. She gave us a chance to live new scenes and experiences through her photos. Her artistry is in capturing untouched moments – there is a raw beauty to her work which pulls at the senses and demands your eye’s attention. She is exceptional!

I am a huge fan of Jamie Mercurio and her work! She is such an amazing photographer, professional, and consultant. The best thing about her is how genuine she is. We first met up with Jamie the winter before our wedding in Portland at Oxbow’s tasting room. From that moment on, I was enamored with our photographer. She was so easy to talk to, not only about the wedding but about anything and everything. She not only became our photographer that day, but also our friend. She will be the only photographer I’ll ever work with and I can’t wait to work with her again! Thank you, Jamie!  –Amy