Zephyr + Tony | Engaged! | Stonington, ME

For those that don't know, I grew up in York, Maine. York is the second exit on 95 when you cross into Maine from New Hampshire, some may even call it "northern Massachusetts" ;) - and it's really pretty! But I must report, despite my roots, my heart belongs Maine's midcoast now. Before I was about 25 and met Lawrence, I had no idea what Real Maine looked like...you know, where the tall pine trees meet the sea...the kind of Maine you read about in books and hear about in E.B. White quotes. I hadn't spent much time north of beautiful downtown Portland! But I'm here to tell you, if you've never taken a slow drive up Route 1, and down some of the off-shoot peninsulas (or ferried out to the islands!) you're seriously missing out. 

I had the pleasure of solo-adventuring up to Stonington, Maine a couple of weeks ago for the most beautiful engagement session - complete with my very first (and definitely not my last!) experience sailing, and the most perfect sunset imaginable. Zephyr & Tony, I can't thank you enough for sharing the Stonington you know and love with me, and I cannot wait for your wedding! (However, sad to report I am still workin' on my Bowline skills!)