Elyse + Josef | Brooklyn, NYC Wedding Celebration / Dance Party of the Year

It's always amazing to be able to take a break from Maine's coastal views and cool green forests, and shoot in a completely different environment. I met Elyse and Josef in Nevis this past spring, (crashing on the couch of their villa!) and they told me the beautiful story of how they chose to be married in the midwest, in Josef's hometown, in a small  ceremony with their families so his grandfather could witness their vows. One year later, on their anniversary, they threw the most fun and wonderful party for all of their friends in Brooklyn and invited me down to capture it. It was seriously the Party of the Year. Elyse looked gorgeous in a chic glittery silver cocktail dress,  the entire atmosphere at the Brooklyn Winery was intimate and warm, and their friends and family toasted them with hilarious and lovely stories from their pasts. The band was incredible, and I've never had so much fun capturing dancing photos! 

The party continued into the wee hours of the morning, and to be honest, is there any better way to celebrate your wedding/1 year anniversary? I don't think so. Sending so much love to you guys, I can't thank you enough for having me down and inviting me to share the celebration of your love! // xo

Venue: The Brooklyn Winery