Kendra + Ted | Engaged! | Hunt & Alpine Club, Downtown Portland, ME

kendra + ted are the most beautiful, laid back couple in the world. i'm photographing their wedding next fall, but since they traveled to Maine to spend christmas visiting family, we decided to do their engagement photos the night they were passing through Portland...and. of course, it Rained. with a capital R rained. it didn't just rain. it torrentially rained. it poured. it was raining cats and dogs. and potentially other animals too! there was no way we were going to be able to spend the whole session shooting outside. so we decided to make the best of it, using an umbrella i found in my trunk, taking some photos in their sweet little hotel room, and then heading to one of my very favorite spots in Portland, the Hunt & Alpine Club. (amazing cocktails, even more amazing atmosphere!) despite it all, we ended up with some gorgeous images! it's amazing what a cozy element a little nasty weather can add to a shoot! xoxo